History lesson in Auschwitz and beauty of the salt caves in Wieliczka

Poland is a country of many historical and memorial places. Visiting Poland can be a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Europe, especially about the World War II.

To learn more about the terrible history of this period and about Nazism, you should visit Auschwitz Birkenau, a small city in the south of Poland. The museum in Auschwitz is interesting and extremely shocking, especially for the people outside Europe, who do not know the European history very well.


While being in Auschwitz, you definitely should join the Auschwitz Birkenau Tour. During the tour, you are going to learn about the daily life of the prisoners and also about personal stories of some of the Jews who survived or escaped the camp. The experienced guides will try to give an answer to all your questions.

After visiting Auschwitz, it is recommended to go to Wieliczka. This lovely city is known of its beautiful salt mines. Join the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour and see the beauty of salt sculptures and natural salt dripstones. You are going to see some amazing caves and, if lucky, spot the groups of bats. You can also buy nice souvenirs in the local shop, such as salt candle holders or small sculptures.


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