Beauty of Poland

There are a lot of fabulous places in Poland. Beautiful landscapes and monumental castles are present here. There are many places, where people can rest, and also a lot of these, which are worth to go sightseeing.

However, there are also gloomy places, which say a lot about history of Poland. In order to get to know a bit of history, everyone must visit Auschwitz. This frightening museum sticks in mind forever. A lot of people died there but their spirits seem to be present. Auschwitz Birkenau Tour makes way to feel how these people lived. Nowadays, in the town, where Auschwitz Camp is located, there live a lot of people. Inhabitants got used to neighbourhood of museum, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.


Regardless of season, people from all the world arrive to visit Auschwitz. Probably, there are no more important places in Poland, but there are a few also interesting. For sure, one of them is Wieliczka. Old mine, which is there, can be visited by all year. Wieliczka salt mine tour is wonderful experience for whole family.

Not only kids can have a fun, but also adults should be pleased. Being in Wieliczka, you can visit Cracow, wonderful and attractive, the biggest town of south Poland.


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