Marvelous places on the South of Poland

One of the most popular travel aims in Poland is the South of the country. This is the region where tourists can admire interesting moniuments in addition to the picturesque landscape.

We can mention numerous advantages of this land, like a specific cuisine or a rich folklore. There is no doubt that the most recognizable signs of the region are the city of Krakow and Zakopane. Another popular tourist destinations are the Salt Mines and Auschwitz extermination camp. The whole region is ready for tourists thanks to the tourist facilities and many attractions. If you go there, you will not have any problem with the Krakow Airport Transfer.

This is the biggest city of the region and the airport receives the flight from all the Europe. An obligatory point of the visit in Krakow is an Auschwitz and Salt Mine tour, which will deliver you a valuable historic and cultural knowledge. From the other hand every season of the year is good to visit Zakopane. This stunning mountain town is open for tourist during all over the year.

The local people will offer you an exquisite cuisine, a variety of accommodation and a lot of interesting ways to spend a free time. One of them is of course skiing, but you can also come just to admire the landscape. A great way to spend a time is to have a walk through the lovely valleys and reach the top of the mountain peaks. This part of the polish country will provide you an unforgettable holiday.


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