The highest Polish mountains

The Tatras are beautiful mountains located in the south-eastern Poland. Their flora and fauna is unique in the country because of the height reached by land there. This is a great area for lovers of long walks and all-day mountain excursions.

You will appreciate the opportunity to gain Morskie Oko, Giewont or another summit, which will require many hours of dedication and an outstanding effort. However, the satisfaction associated with standing on top of a reward every effort of the journey. Breathtaking views and unique air will quickly forget the greatest even fatigue.
The trip to the Tatras can start from Krakow. Buses depart from there to Zakopane, which will surely better to get into the highly situated town. This way you can effectively bypass the traffic jam on the famous driveway. The city remained primarily from tourism, so for sure there will be places where you can live for a few days or dine. On the contrary, the choice is very wide. But what if you do not like long, tiring routes and capturing hard to reach places not bring him relaxation and contentment?

Then you can walk only the easiest trails and enjoy the beauty of nature, and Zakopane treated as a base. Malopolska has many other places to offer to visitors. It is, for example, Auschwitz-Birkenau, which due to its monstrous story is an object of visits of people from all over the world. Worth seeing is also the Wieliczka Salt Mine – industrial building changed into a work of art.

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