Bus form Cracow

Poles are increasingly traveling to the southern neighbors of our country – the Czechs and Hungarians friendly to us.

You can go there in many ways and from different locations, but the best starting point is our former capital – Kraków. From Krakow quickly and easily get to the capitals of the two countries through busom. On offer are bus for rent Prague, as well as bus to Budapest. Transfer takes place in a comfortable way and is not disruptive.

Take advantage of the offer and familiarize themselves with beautiful capitals of central Europe, where we can explore even Prague Castle and the popular Charles Bridge in Prague or the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Royal Castle in Budapest. Of course, interest is much, much more, and both the city guarantee us the whole day exploring the sights and attractions, as well as become familiar with the local culture and delicious food.
However, if you prefer to go skiing or relax in the mountain climate in our country, or to climb the highest peaks of the Tatra mountains, we can safely cross the busiest Polish way – Zakopianka – sitting in a comfortable chair as a passenger bus and go to the most popular mountain town which is Zakopane. Bus Krakow Zakopane is ideal for without a nervous ride this hard, full of traffic jams route. With busowi place we get rested and full of energy.
Take advantage of other sources of transport than the car. With busom we can arrive at a place refreshed, rested and full of energy to work!


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