Fast and convenient travel

Who does not like to travel, to move from place to place does not always run as smoothly as we would have liked.

We have a lot of choices when it comes to means of transport: we can choose rail travel, but not always train arrives on time and we can not always count on getting to your destination at a specific time. Another way to travel is driving a car, certainly very convenient, but not necessarily economical option. Worth considering is to offer bus interesting to us.
For everyone involved Catholic journey to Czestochowa is a must, especially in the summer thousands of pilgrims heading to Jasna Gora to thank you for your grace and ask for additional gifts and blessings. Busy to Czestochowa run throughout the year, and are a cheap, fast and convenient possibility of getting into the city.
The hometown of the Polish Pope, John Paul II also appears in the list of cities to visit most of our compatriots, as well as foreign tourists. Busy Wadowice give us the opportunity to reach a city full of memories, and enjoy the delicious kremówkami. All at a reasonable price.
For those who like beautiful views, hiking in the mountains and Zakopane gourmet osciepky are available buses to Zakopane. Efficient and fast travel in comfort inspire positive and prepares us for complete relaxation in the great Polish Tatras.

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